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European Leaders' Forum

F&L is for brand owners and manufacturers, retailers and suppliers, all modes of logistics, ports, insurance, finance, academics, NGOs, policymakers, scientists, politicians and experts.  F&L creates trusted space for senior business leaders working across all areas of the supply chain to come together for open dialogue and exchange on current issues and new ideas.  They question science, academia, thought-leaders and industry stakeholders on issues that concern them.  And they find F&L an easy and efficient way to connect with leaders across other industries and 47 countries in Europe.  Who joined our meetings in 2018 and 2019 so far? Watch F&L in action.  Next meeting 12-13 November 2020 hosted by the United Nations in Geneva.

8 Sept 11am CET
Join short industry-led confidential discussions with Q&A to hear  insight and business reactions from supply chain leaders.  Blog – what did we talk about?

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Philip Evans speaks (June 2020)

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F&L Geneva 12-13 November 2020